HANC Inner Sunset Recycling Eyesore Loses in Court

Judge rules against HANC “recycling” center at 780 Frederick in the Inner Sunset neighborhood and issues summary judgement agreeing that city may move forward with putting a community garden in place of a homeless shopping cart magnet and industrial wasteland eyesore.

HANC at 780 Frederick in Inner Sunset (photo from Google Maps)

HANC has been in a tussle with the city’s rec and parks department and neighborhood groups for the past several months. Unfortunately for the neighborhood, they’ve been clinging to all that was cutting edge in 1974, and have refused to comply with city wishes (and orders) to return the city’s land (located between an open space I call the Kezar triangle and the Kezar stadium). The city has had to initiate eviction proceedings, which have been fought with shrill public drama about what a persecuted misunderstood underdog they are.

Here’s the thing, though. San Francisco offers curbside recycling and composting. When HANC openend in 1974 they didn’t. I love recycling. I love composting. I watch videos about it and write blog posts proclaiming the good that comes from thoughtful government intervention. Newsflash, HANC: In 2011 you don’t need grungy, noisy, ugly “recycling centers” open for limited hours on limited days to divert materials from landfills. All you need is to walk your recyclables or compostables over to your city issued green or blue bins, and then wheel those out to your curb once a week. Hello HANC, this is progress calling. Care to take the call?

But from what I’m hearing, HANC has sent that call from progress straight to voicemail (heck, they probably don’t have voice mail. I imagine them huddled around an answering machine trying to figure out how to record their outgoing message on the cassette tape) and will appeal the judge’s latest ruling.

Which is ridiculous, really. A waste of everyone’s time, money, and energy IMHO. I’d love it if what I’m hearing was wrong, but I have a feeling HANC will grasp for any attention they can get for as long as possible. Which is a shame.

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