When a regular old vacation rental just won’t do

Hats off to Forbes.com, which asked Airbnb.com to send over the wackiest rentals listed on their site. For those of you who haven’t heard of Airbnb, it’s a website that matches property owners who want to rent out their places with vacationing (or business-ing) visitors.

And what an entertaining slide show of wacky rentals this request produced. Interested in sleeping in a two-bedroom 727? Yes, a Boeing 727 has been mounted on a 50-foot pedestal and converted into a two-bedroom apartment. You can find this zany use of fuselage in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. It’ll set you back $400/night. I wonder if jokes about joining the mile-high club convert well to the 50-feet-off-the ground club. Probably not.

727 Fuselage Rental (source: airbnb)

Moving on to Thailand. How about a rafthouse on the River Kwai with electricity, hot water, and a view of the mountains? I’m slightly amused by what appears to be a roll of toilet paper left artfully at the foot of the bed. But for $30 a night, perhaps it would be wise to throw a roll or two in the ol’ backpack before heading to the floating accommodations.

Or perhaps you’re in a medieval mood and a castle in Umbria, Italy, sounds appealing. It has 14 bedrooms, a billiards room (sounds so much fancier than saying a pool table, no?), a swimming pool, and tennis courts. For $61,058 a month or $2,057 a night, I hope there’s a unicorn to deliver room service each day. If this isn’t the castle for you, have no fear. There are all kinds of castles in Umbria, so if all you want is a room and you’ll share the castle with other travelers, options abound.

When you’re done sharing a castle in Umbria, you might need to get away from it all and rent an island in Fiji. For $400 a night you get an island and a private chef. I’ll take two, thanks.



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