3 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

San Francisco is unlike America in many ways, our weather being just one example. While most Americans experience four seasons each year, we have two: the dry season and the wet season. The current forecast has rain forecast for this afternoon. With that in mind, here are a few quick tips to help get  your home ready for the rainy season:

Rain in San Francisco
Rain in San Francisco by borkur.net (source: Flickr)

1) Rinse out your gutters to clear leaf debris and other garbage that has accumulated in them over the past several months. Blockages in your gutters can cause otherwise harmless amounts of water to pool on your roof, back up into your siding, or otherwise cause unexpected and unnecessary havoc.

2) Check all of your ground level drains, including french drains, to be sure that they are free of obstructions and debris and are ready to quickly whisk water away from your home. Once rainy season begins it is important to keep water from pooling against your house or near your foundation. Most homes were built or retro-fitted with drain systems to move water away from the home, but the drains won’t work if they are filled with leaves, soccer balls, or other random objects that might have found their way there over the past several months.

3) Check your storage area, garages, or below-grade areas for important or sensitive items. Depending on where you live, you may have a storage area that is below grade. Now is the perfect time to check those areas and see if you’ve stored anything there in the past few months that shouldn’t get wet. If you do store items in those areas, you might want to find a pallet, some bricks, or another way to elevate your stored treasures off the ground by several inches. Just a few inches of ground clearance can provide a simple and inexpensive way to avoid accidental water damage to your valuable stuff.

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