An Awesome SF Weekend

Although the rain has returned today, what a spectacular San Francisco weekend we just had! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the city was filled with lots of wonderful events to get you out and about in the sun.

The fine folks at the Richmond District blog have a great set of photos and a nice write up about this past weekend’s LEAP sandcastle contest. In short, elementary teams are paired up with creative grown-ups (architects, designers, etc.) and together they come up with incredible and amazing sand sculptures like the one pictured below. Be sure and click your way over to the Richmond district blog, where you can see tons of great more photos, as well as pictures and information about the winning team. As a guy that can barely draw stick figures, I have to tell you I’m wildly impressed by these spectacular sand sculptures.

IMG_2910 by richmondsfblog via flickr. Check out all their photos.

 If digging in the sand isn’t your thing, then your other option was to find a sunny spot on the north side of the town and gaze skyward. Saturday and Sunday featured the aerial acrobatics of the Blue Angels, in celebration of Fleet Week.

While I’ve always managed to see a little bit of their aeronautical acrobatics when they are in town, this was the first year that I actually dragged myself to the prime viewing spots on the north end of town and made a point of watching the entire show. It’s amazing how a fighter jet can make a Boeing 747 look slow. It was an enjoyable show, made even more enjoyable by the near perfect weather, with no wind and plenty of sun making the Saturday show a really enjoyable time.

People sometimes look at me like I’m a lunatic for living in San Francisco, but weekends like this are a wonderful reminder of the many incredible things San Francisco has to offer.

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