Great Resource from the SF Planning Department

What has the San Francisco planning department done for you lately? If you’re like most San Francisco residents, the planning department (along with the department of building inspection) are amongst the city offices that you love to hate. While looking for something for a client on the planning department’s website, I came across a phenomenal resource that I wanted to share with you. It goes by the low-key name of “San Francisco Property Information Map” but its features are anything but low-key.

Screenshot of San Francisco Property Information Map

Above is a screen shot that I took, using an address for one of the Zephyr offices as an example. As you can see, it is a quick and handy way to find out about your neighborhood planning team, District Supervisor, and police district.

If you look along the tabs on the upper right hand side, you’ll see that you can also access a wealth of information about zoning, preservation, and building permit history.

While much of this information has been available from various websites scattered across various city departments, this is the first site that I’m aware of to bring it all together in one easy to use, graphically friendly website. It’s quick, easy to use, and not filled with abbreviations and jargon that make sense only to city employees .

If you are looking for information on a home that you are thinking of buying, it can be a great starting point for property research. If you’ve just bought a home and are ready to fire of your first letter of complaint to your District Supervisor (a time-honored San Francisco tradition) but don’t know who your Supervisor is, then look no further. Scheduling a move but don’t know what police station to contact for no parking signs? Don’t sweat it,  The San Francisco Property Information Map has that information and more.



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