The Washingtonian

The Washingtonian at 1840 Washington St. in Pacific Heights has been getting a bit of buzz lately.

We gave it a full rundown with pictures yesterday over at our sibling site, NewConstructionSF.

Matt, the Photo Ninja

Photography and videography were a bit of a challenge yesterday, since the street is completely overrun with utility and construction vehicles, not to mention bulldozers and other noisy diesel creatures with back-up beepers that were continually beeping. The photo below is of me balancing on a ledge against a fence, trying to get some decent photos. Click on the picture to head over for our officially un-official photo gallery of 1840 Washington and the block. Nobody said being a real estate blogger was easy, but nobody said it would mean balancing on one foot on a skinny concrete ledge while smiling…

The building is located on Washington St. between Van Ness and Franklin. On the one hand, it’s a very busy spot with two major streets on either side of you. On the other hand, it’s an incredibly walk-friendly place, with WalkScore (TM) spitting out a perfect 100/100 rating. Which is an ironic walkscore rating since every home comes with 1 car parking. I can think of some other new buildings that have lower walkscores and less parking…

Directly across the street from The Washingtonian is the entrance to The Academy of Arts School of Industrial Design, so if you’re an angst ridden young designer with some deep pockets, 1840 Washington might just be your perfect next home!

It’s also not far from Lafayette Park, but I don’t yet know what the pet policy for the building will be. The building doesn’t have a ton of amenities, but it does offer a very nice roof deck and storage for every home that is on the same floor as the residence.

No word yet on when these homes will officially hit the market, or what pricing and HOA dues will be.

Disclaimer: We do not represent the developer of 1840 Washington St. and are not in any way affiliated with the developer or the listing agent (Sotheby’s). We offer buyers independent representation in new construction across all of San Francisco.

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