Parklet, Mini Park, Park

This morning was the first Zephyr sales meeting of the year, and one of the homes on my office tour was located next to a mini park. Which isn’t a parklet. Which definitely isn’t a park. Confused? Here’s a little primer on what makes a mini park mini, a parklet a parklet and a park, well, just a park!

Inner Sunset Parklet

Pictured above is a parklet. This particular one is in the Inner Sunset of San Francisco, located on 9th Ave. between Irving and Judah streets. Parklet projects are a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Public Works, the Planning Department, and the Municipal Transportation Agency. In a nutshell, a parklet used to be a parking spot. They are usually located adjacent to or close to coffee shops, restaurants, and they make nice outdoor spots to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage and watch the people go by.


Rose Page Mini Park on Page St. @ Laguna

A mini park is bigger than a parklet but not as big a park. They are often squeezed into quirky spots such as vacant lots or other little scraps of land found in random places throughout the city. The photo above is of the Rose Page Mini Park, which is also known as the Page Laguna mini park. They are usually nice spots to relax or enjoy a bit of nature (for the city) in, but they aren’t large enough to run wild in.


The Bison of Golden Gate Park

A San Franisco park, then, is anything larger than a mini park. Or, put another way, a place you can run wild, if only for a few hundred feet. Pictured above are the bison that live in Golden Gate park, by far the city’s largest park.

So, for all you Starbucks addicts, there you have it – the tall, grande, and venti of San Francisco parks. For everyone else that would be small, medium, and large! If you’ve got a photo or a thought about your favorite small, medium, or large park in the city, we’d love to hear it in our comments section below….


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