Broker’s Tour Path

Today was broker’s tour in San Francisco, and it was a busy day for me, starting out at 9:00am viewing a home at Sacramento and Leavenworth, working my way through the city in a counter-clockwise direction, and finally ending up in South Beach around 3:00pm to view a tenant occupied loft. However, the listing agent for that one decided to change the time it would be available for viewing and didn’t mention it to anyone… so I was never able to actually set foot in the home itself.

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of ways to keep track of all the homes I view. Today I tried out something new.


An app named Path was launched late in 2010 by a team in San Francisco… it positions itself as the social networking app for the people you actually are friends with. It also describes itself as a “smart journal” and that is the aspect of the app that I really enjoy.

Because I am (almost) friendless on Path (by design, please don’t send me a friend request on Path), I’m not particularly self-conscious about what I write, and I am willing to check-in to locations (something I won’t do with other apps). Since it is easy to snap pictures, automatically keeps track of location, makes it easy to jot a quick note, and won’t be seen on any social network, I though Path would make a great app for keeping track of what I see on Tuesday tour.

While it is too soon to say, I think I’m pretty happy with the way things went using Path today. I can scroll back through my broker’s tour path and I’ve got good visuals plus location and my notes in one hard-to-lose place. It should make it more efficient and easier for me to pass my thoughts about particular properties on to clients without having to hold on to a stack of property statements.

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