Victorian Abuse

I’ve written about Victorian abuse before, and this morning I noticed another rather egregious example at the corner of Fell and Divisadero (NOPA, for those of you keeping track of such things).

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As you can see from the above photo slideshow, behind the scaffolding and with a fresh paint job, the Victorian at the corner of Fell and Divisadero was once a glorious structure that has suffered the ignominy of having a liquor store installed behind an industrial roll-up garage door on the ground floor.

And it’s wrong, I tell you, wrong! Victorian homes weren’t designed with garages (or liquor stores) in mind, but couldn’t we at least do something (even slightly) tasteful at the ground level? I’m not sure there is really a way to take a corner liquor store “high-class” but couldn’t we at least soften the harsh industrial ghetto vibe from roll-up garage door? Pretty please?

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