Zephyr is #1… or #2?

Statistics. You know the trite saying. I recently came across some 2011 San Francisco real estate market share statistics by brokerage. Below is the chart, please click on it for a larger image that is slightly easier to read.

Zephyr 2011 Market Share compared to other SF Brokerages

There are an (almost) infinite number of ways to calculate market share. One of the more common is to look at either units (number of sales) or dollar volume (the combined value of all sales). Real estate brokerages that list expensive property tend to look bigger when you compare dollar volume (even with fewer units, they have a higher market share using dollar volume because of their higher list and sales prices).

The above chart uses dollar volume, and since Zephyr does a broad business and isn’t focused exclusively on luxury listings there are firms on the list that have an average list/sale price that is higher that Zephyr.

The other thing to be aware of is the TRI/Coldwell Banker distinction. TRI, in my experience, operates as a distinct brand and client experience. Invite a TRI agent to your home, and I’m willing to bet that they won’t position themselves as Coldwell Banker agents, but instead as TRI agents – a distinct brand with a unique service/value proposition. That’s not to be negative about either TRI or Coldwell Banker, just the reality that I experience in the San Francisco market.

If we consider TRI and Coldwell Banker as two distinct brands, then Zephyr is number one in 2011 real estate market share by dollar volume, coming in just shy of 10% of the total market, with just shy of one billion dollars in total transactions by dollar. If we lump TRI and Coldwell Banker together, then Coldwell Banker comes in as the largest real estate brokerage in San Francisco with about 15% of the total dollar volume and Zephyr comes in second place.

Either way, I think it is a wonderful testament to the strength and spirit that is Zephyr real estate in San Francisco!

Disclaimers: Data source is BrokerMetrics (which gets its data from the SFAR MLS). Geographic area is SF MLS districts 1 – 10. Time frame is January 1, 2011 – December 17, 2011 (the most current data when the report was generated). All data is believed to be reliable but not warranted. Your mileage may vary. Always wear your seat belt. 😉

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