Glen Park Slime

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Glen Park has some slime. As you can see from the above photos, some individual or group of individuals thought it would be cool/funny/hilarious/a good use of taxpayer funds to destroy the new plants that are a part of the O’Shaughnessy/Bosworth traffic calming project. For those of you not familiar with the area, it’s a twisty road at the bottom of the canyon, and it was great to see the city take some steps to slow traffic down and make it look a little bit more beautiful.

While the vandals weren’t able to destroy the traffic calming street bulbs and center median planter, they managed to do a number on some of the succulent plants that had recently been planted by the city.


O’Shaughnessy / Bosworth Traffic Calming Project
This project was made possible in part by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority through a grant of Proposition K Local Sales Tax Funds.

Project Information
The O’Shaughnessy / Bosworth Traffic Calming Project began in August 2005. Read the O’Shaughnessy/Bosworth Meeting Notes – 8/30/05 meeting (PDF),O’Shaughnessy/Bosworth Final Traffic Calming Plan (PDF), and the Funding-Phasing Plan (PDF)

Project Update
A pedestrian refuge island was constructed at the intersection of O’Shaughnessy and Malta to assist pedestrians crossing the street at that intersection.  That island has recently been removed as part of a paving project for the O’Shaughnessy corridor but it will be reconstructed as part of the paving project.

A new crosswalk and pedestrian island will be constructed on O’Shaughnessy at the intersection with Del Vale.  The guardrail on the uphill side of the street will be opened up to allow pedestrians to cross at this location without the need to step over the guardrail.

Between Bosworth and Malta, a portion of the striped median will be opened up to allow for landscaping.  Adjacent curb extensions will be constructed to narrow the lanes just uphill of where the housing begins on O’Shaughnessy.  The intent is to create a gateway to let drivers know that there is a change from a mountain road to a residential area near a park.  This work will take place as part of the paving project.

Source: San Francisco MTA website

Update / February 12, 2012:

The vandalized plants have been replaced. Let’s hope they aren’t trashed again!

The plants have been replaced!

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