Progress at Progress Park

Have you ever heard of Progress Park? Until yesterday, I hadn’t either! Located across Indiana street from the new Millwheel condos in the Dogpatch neighborhood, it is a collaboration between the SF Dept of Public Works, Caltrans, and the San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA). It’s located on an odd sliver of land created by an I-280 entrance ramp and elevated freeway lanes, and neighborhood residents have done an amazing job of taking a usually desolate and unattractive area and turning it into a beautiful neighborhood asset.

Below are several pictures I took yesterday:

Indiana Street across from Millwheel Condos
New Plantings
Additional view with I-280 in the background

The photos give you a feel both for the park in relation to the Millwheel condos, as well as in relation to I-280 and its northbound on-ramp at Indiana & 25th St.

What you can’t see about Progress Park (from these photos) is that there is also a fenced-in off-leash dog park area. When I was there in the middle of a weekday, there were several dogs with their guardians taking advantage of the off-leash area, which has a doggie drinking fountain and a reasonable amount of space for running around.

Progress Park appears to be actively under improvement, with lots of new plantings and paths. Because of the noise from 280, I wouldn’t characterize it as a tranquil setting, but it certainly is a vast improvement over what used to be there.

If this little outdoor haven isn’t your cup of tea, the good news is that Esprit Park is just about a three block walk north up Indiana St. Should you find yourself over in the dogpatch neighborhood – either for work or play – do yourself a favor and stop by. Even better, visit the website and sign up to help complete and maintain this excellent addition to the dogpatch neighborhood.

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