Most. Amazing. SF Maps Ever!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Via the Google Lat Long Blog comes mention of an amazing resource – a set of high resolution 1937 San Francisco maps. You can easily spend hours (at least, I have) comparing San Francisco present to San Francisco past.

I took the time to make a quick mashup of the Twin Peaks/Clarendon Heights/Midtown Terrace areas shown in a 1938 picture and compared it to how things look from above in 2012.


I was actually a bit surprised to see how built out Clarendon Heights was in 1938. I had picked that area knowing that Midtown Terrace development didn’t begin until the 1950s, and most of Twin Peaks was developed after that (1960s and 1970s for the most part). While this before and now comparison shows how much development has happened in this particular area of San Francisco, some of the other maps are awesome for taking a look at historic structures (like Kezar stadium) that are no longer around. 

It is also interesting to note the vacant lots in developing neighborhoods (Bernal Heights, I’m thinking of you). Anyway, hope you enjoy the short video. Do yourself a favor and click on over to the map collection, the images can be downloaded (in high-res if you sign up for a free account). What awesome things stand out to you in these pictures? I know you were worried that you might have to spend your weekend doing productive chores (dishes, lawn mowing, painting, etc.), hopefully I’ve just helped fill it up with something a lot more enjoyable. :-)

The David Ramsey map collection is pretty impressive, and the addition of these 1937/1938 San Francisco aerial photos makes it even more awesome in my book!

And hey, as long as you’re here, go ahead and take a moment and see what’s for sale in Clarendon Heights or Midtown Terrace!

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