Agents, Meet Your New Best Friend

I’ve written in the past about my concerns that fragmentation has on the real estate industry, and I also usually write on this blog for buyers and sellers, not my fellow agents.

Today, however, as I get ready to walk out the door on broker’s tour, I want to write about a local startup that I’m cheering for.

The company is Theo, and they have a couple of products. The first is TheoTour, and the other is MyTheo. If you are an agent in San Francisco with an iPhone, you owe it to yourself to download their TheoTour app and make it your new best friend. MyTheo is still in beta testing, but TheoTour has shed it’s beta status and is now available for any agent in San Francisco that wants to do business a little smarter and a lot less wastefully.

TheoTour, in a nutshell, is an app that replaces your old-school 30-page 2-line black-and-white MLS tour sheet with a smart tool for viewing homes on broker’s tour and sharing that information with your clients. Instead of killing trees so you can look at a two-line text description, download TheoTour and take a look at a full color photo of a home before deciding if you want to add it to your tour for the day.

In addition to saving paper, it has a built-in mapping function. While I’ve been touring San Francisco long enough that I can tell you where 95% of our streets are located, every now and again a little alley will come along and trip me up. In addition, it makes it a lot easier for me to put tour in a logical geographic order without having to wrack my brain, juggling six locations in a neighborhood to figure out which one makes the most sense as a starting point.

Finally, it has some basic sharing functions that make it easy to text or email a listing that you’ve seen to a client with your comments. Which is a whole lot more efficient than how I used to do it (which was to write a note on the property statement to email my client about it when I got back to my desk).

And here’s the best part: Until April 25, the app is available for free in the Apple App store. Get it now and fall in love… the pricing is expected to be as follows:

TheoTour will become a paid app starting April 25th, with a 30 day free trial period.  After the trial period, any SFAR MLS member will be able to purchase a subscription under the following plans:

  • $4 Monthly
  • $25 Annual
  • $80 Lifetime

And while I’m definitely a cheerleader for SFTheo, I also worry about them. As I’ve written at agbeat, I worry about small tech companies trying to make it big when the MLS landscape is so fractured that reaching a critical mass can be a real challenge. So in what can only be described as a win/win, go out and download TheoTour. You’ll have a smart tool that makes your tour day more efficient and enjoyable, and an awesome start-up will have one more customer to help them on their quest to build great tools for the SF real estate community.

Disclaimer: I’ve been a beta tester for their programs since last fall. I just found out yesterday that they have generously rewarded their beta-testers with a free one year subscription to the TheoTour app. That said, I haven’t received and wouldn’t accept any compensation for writing this blog post. (although, to be honest, in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, I do plan on purchasing a lifetime subscription to the product when it becomes available).

More pics from the TheoTour App:
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