Congratulations to Zephyr

What’s more obnoxious and indulgent than publishing a self-congratulatory post? We aren’t sure… but since we’re giving some kudos to our brokerage, Zephyr, instead of ourselves we hope we’re allowed a little lee-way.

Congratulations to Zephyr

Pictured above is Zephyr’s latest brag-ad, in which we subtly point out that:

  • We’ve been around for 34 years. Which is a little younger than me, and that’s the only hint I’m giving you about my age.
  • We sell a lot of homes each year – over one billion dollars in sales volume… and even with SF prices, that’s a lot of house (and paperwork, but I digress)
  • We have 6 offices. One of the critiques of Zephyr was always that we were a “district 5” company, but I think the success of our Pacific Heights office proves that Zephyr can compete (and win) in any neighborhood and any price point!
  • We’re a part of San Francisco, and we give back. Over the years we’ve supported hundreds of charities, and one of the things that I love about Zephyr is that because we are a local independent brokerage, we can afford to invest and build relationships with great local charities. I think it’s a lot better than sending franchise fees back to the flyover states!

And then there’s the final point… which I agree with, but it is worded in a very specific way for a reason.

Coldwell Banker has two brands in San Francisco – the “run of the mill” Coldwell Banker listings and then TRI/Coldwell Banker, which is (technically) Coldwell Banker but markets itself as the “TRI” brand. Ask any TRI agent if they are a TRI agent or a Coldwell Banker agent, and I’m willing to bet you a dozen of the most expensive donuts you can find that they’ll say they are TRI agents. TRI has its own signage and distinct brand identity.

So that’s why we are San Francisco’s #1 brand. But hey, we’re all in marketing, this can’t surprise you, right?

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