Neighborhood Blog Roundup

It’s been a few weeks since I surveyed the neighborhood blogs. So let’s take a moment and see what’s making the news across the neighborhoods.

Lovely flower boxes in The Haight. Photo credit: Matt Fuller, GRI

Lunatic arrested in the Haight. Which you might think note-worthy since usually they don’t seem to get either arrested or the mental services that they most likely are in need or dire one. But what makes this one scary is that the cops found about 5,800 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle (which he had been living in, near-ish to Waller & Stanyan) when they searched it. Via Uppercasing.

If you’ve never seen the goats munching away at the weeds in various San Francisco locations then be sure to check out Portola Planet’s article about what the goats are up to over at the University Mound reservoir. I think it’s pretty cool that we use goats instead of pesticides, I usually see them at Laguna Honda reservoir munching away and they always make me smile.

CCSF Interim Chancellor Dr. Pamila Fisher promises that City College won’t be closing. I haven’t followed the whole city college debacle closely enough to say much more than that. Via Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Larsen Playground used to have a cool jet to play on. Now it doesn’t. And I think you’ll agree with me that is just wrong! Despite having the lowest percentage of kids in any major US city, San Francisco has some of the coolest parks and playgrounds. So join the Friends of Larsen Playground and help bring a jet back! Via People of Parkside/Sunset.

The good folks at Hayeswire have a great rundown on some of the many changes taking place along Gough street in Hayes Valley.

And finally, to round it out – a lovely reflection on the fog by Michaela Byrne. Via the Forest Knolls neighborhood blog.

As always, comments and thoughts appreciated. And if you think I’m overlooking a great neighborhood blog, please let me know about it. You can leave a comment, email or call!

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