Thanks Everyone, That Was Awesome!

We had a super-awesome party for all of our past and current clients yesterday at the Forest Hill Clubhouse in Forest Hill. Even though there were about six-billion things happening in the city yesterday (baseball, football, Blue Angels, Bluegrass, to name just a few…) it was wonderful to see all of our clients and enjoy some amazing BBQ (and a jumpy house) with you!

We’ve been hard at work in San Francisco real estate for well over a decade each now, and it is always a pleasure to see clients, both old and new. People often think that real estate is all about the houses. For us, though, it is all about the people and the relationships. Nothing is quite as satisfying as giving the keys to a first-time home buyer, or watching someone use their equity to move-up into a larger home. On the flip side, nothing is as big of a bummer as seeing someone leave the city for the ‘burbs because of schools. While we are always thankful for the opportunity to represent someone when they are leaving the city, it is also always bittersweet!

If I had to sum this all up, it would be with one enormous-bear-hug-of-a-thank-you. Real estate investments are typically the largest investment a person makes, and it is an incredible honor to be trusted with that investment. Our jobs have been (and continue to be) an incredible opportunity to represent amazing people from incredibly diverse backgrounds that have an impressive range of accomplishments, achievements, and skills. That you choose us as your fiduciary, placing your trust and confidence in us, is always both humbling and a great honor.

So, again, thanks to all of our clients – past, present, and future. Your trust and confidence in us makes this an incredibly rewarding adventure!

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