This Morning I’m Ashamed to be from San Francisco

San Francisco. The punchline for pretty much any right wing joke and the “code-word” for all that is liberal, left, and progressive. Most days I’m more than happy – I’m down right proud – to be identified as a San Franciscan. But this morning, I’m absolutely ashamed, embarrassed, and appalled to be represented by a Board of Supervisors – and particularly Christina Olague - that believes it is right for San Francisco to have a Sheriff that physically abuses and falsely imprisons his wife in charge of our domestic violence programs.

Does this badge stand for anything?

In particular, I am outraged that the Supervisor for the district in which I live – District 5 – voted to reinstate Ross Mirkarimi. Christina Olague was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee to fill the position that was vacated by Ross Mirkarimi when he was elected Sheriff, but before the entire town knew he was a wife-beating bully and creep. I have absolutely no idea how any self-respecting individual could stand up and say they oppose domestic violence and support the rights of women and children and then vote for a self-admitted wife beater. It is disgusting.

If you agree with me (at least on this issue), then there are (at a minimum) two things that you can do, and they are:

  1. Sign up and support the citizen-led effort to recall Ross Mirkarimi. While four of our elected supervisors believe it is acceptable to have a physically abusive Sheriff, the citizens of San Francisco do not agree and will not allow four spineless supervisors to support domestic abusers.
  2. Vote ABC! By which I mean, vote for Anyone But Christina. Obviously, this only applies to residents who live in San Francisco Supervisor District 5. While SFAR has endorsed London Breed, I’m not sure at this point who I am going to personally support. That said, I know that I will donate both by time and money to other candidates because I do not want to be represented by a woman that believes that hitting women and children is acceptable behavior for our elected officials.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I am absolutely appalled by the vote that took place last night. It doesn’t represent the ideals of equality and safety that are so often associated with San Francisco. We can’t – and won’t – let this horrific decision stand. We’re better people than that, even if four of our supervisors aren’t.


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