Christina Olague Supports Democracy. As long as you agree with her

Christina Olague, as you might have noticed, is not my first pick for District 5 Supervisor. Why? Because I don’t believe that individuals that vote to reinstate wife-bruisers to carry out the city’s domestic violence enforcement and prevention efforts should hold public office. Which, apparently, makes me a bad bad person. I’ve called her office to request a meeting so that I can look my elected official in the eye, hear her side of the story, and make clear my anger, outrage and disappointment with her support of domestic abusers. I’ve called her election headquarters to express my disappointment and make clear that I won’t be voting for her. Ever. Unless we are having a vote to vote spineless cowards off our peninsula, in which case I’d vote for Christina Olague as early and as often as possible. I’ve also been attempting to get a response from her via social media.

I’ve reached out to her on twitter. I have received no response from her, or whoever manages her twitter feed. In fact, her tweets have been oddly quiet since October 9. Perhaps someone bruised her thumbs?

I’ve reached out to her Facebook page. Below is a screenshot of a comment I made yesterday on the social media site:

Dissent not welcome here!

Within minutes, my comments were both deleted. I received the following message from the page administrator:

No dissent welcome! Which is ironic from someone with the middle name of ninetynicepercent!

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to be a bit tenacious. Our exchanges continued back and forth as follows:

Apparently my questions weren’t welcome, since Yayne Ninetyninepercent Abeba blocked me from asking her any more questions. As of writing this, I still don’t understand who is responsible for the page, if it is run by her campaign or the supervisor’s official office, and what criteria are used for removing dissenting points of view.

Instead of answering any of those questions, they instead decided to go into full-on-don’t-ask-me-any-questions-lockdown mode, because when you view her Facebook Page today it no longer allows comments!

Christine “No Comments Allowed” Olague

The fact that Christina Olague is now hiding behind locked down Facebook pages and tweet-free twitter accounts tells me that she is ashamed, embarrased, and aware of just how plain wrong her vote in support of domestic violence is. I’m also curious how much longer she’ll continue to have Ed Lee as her #1 supporter?

Does Ed Lee Really Support Christina?

Anyone from the Christina Olague campaign care to comment? Here at JacksonFuller, we welcome all civil comments, even if we don’t agree with them. We have yet to meet an idea or viewpoint that was so scary we had to censor it.

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