A guest post about District Elections

The following guest post was written by a fellow Realtor that we have great respect for, Kevin Birmingham. You can learn more about Kevin and why he’s a good person at his website.

Mike Garcia and Family. Image Source: www.mikegarcia2012.com

I was invited to write on why I am supporting Mike Garcia for Supervisor in District-7 (West of Twin Peaks). Mike has the endorsement of Sean Elsbernd, the current D-7 Supervisor. Sean has been a tremendous asset to all of SF. Mike Garcia has a business background and will add common sense to the board.  Mike is a front runner beside Norman Yee.  Yee voted against JROTC in schools. District elections purpose is for neighborhoods to have a voice that represents them and Garcia is more closely aligned with this neighborhood. Now my rant!

District elections are bad for San Francisco. Our small City has always had a special attitude brought on because it is only 46.8 square miles (not 49). Other large cities have Greek Town, Little Italy, Southie, you name it. San Francisco is diverse because no group can entirely own a neighborhood, which makes us more accepting. District elections exploit our differences!

The argument behind district elections is that minor candidates have a chance to succeed.  This has brought us Ed Jew and Chris Daly.  It has also brought us a murderer (Dan White) and a wife beater (Ross Mirkarimi), neither of which would have succeeded in a city wide election. More often than we would like, district elections bring us supervisors whose policies are a national joke.

When asked where I am from, I don’t say District 7. I say San Francisco. The policies of individual Supervisors affect all of us and district elections give us only one vote. In this system Supervisors answer to special interests rather than voters.  As long as voters in his/her district are happy and the interests he/she supports are satisfied their job is safe.

Too often Supervisors are elected because of their race or because they follow an extreme view point.
Multiculturalism is why San Franciscan’s accept different viewpoints. The divide and conquer strategy of district elections is an affront to our traditions and way of life.

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