I guess I Touched a Nerve?

Somebody’s pretty upset with me, this landed in my inbox today:

From: Denis Mosgofian <denism@earthlink.net>
To: team@jacksonfuller.com
Subject: any company but Zephyr
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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:36:41 -0700
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Check this out this writing from a Zephyr Real Estate agent:


Wow, Matt, really? Anybody but Christina Olague?

Is this because you sat through all the hearings on the Dec. 31st arm grab?

Where do you get the idea that Ross Mirkarimi hit his wife? Or hit a child? Wife-beating bully and creep?

If you are this inaccurate about basic factual information, why would I trust you to be accurate about real estate?

Your fronting for the Board of Realtors which is helping fund London Breed for D5 is very thinly disguised by your faux disclaimer about the Board of Realtors.

Well, FYI, my wife and I sat through every Ethics hearing, we read virtually every document, and the Mayor had no case for official misconduct.

Did you not know that Mirkarimi is serving a sentence of 52 weeks of counseling and 3 years probation for the single incident? This is stiff punishment, and did not include 9 months of disparaging character assassination, or the official marginalizing of Eliana Lopez, the victim. Did you know that the Administration spent over $1.4 million tax dollars on this non-court prosecution?

Do you actually NOT believe that the punishment should fit the crime?

Do you really believe that he should lose his job for the Dec. 31st arm grab?

What then for the SF police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill man who thought she was breaking into his room and rose to defend himself? What about Mayor Newsom’s alcohol, possible cocaine, screwing his chief of staff’s wife while on the job use, etc.? What about Chief Hayes-White beating her husband while her son is reportedly yelling, “Stop it Mommy, you’re killing Daddy?? In your world, do only political opponents of the established order get punished?

Factually, all the two City Attorneys could establish in six months is what was openly acknowledged and known from the beginning:

Dec. 31st, argument, turning around the car and returning home instead of having an argument in the restaurant,

grabbing Eliana Lopez’s arm to keep her in the discussion of custody, and letting go within a second after she demanded him to stop, and his agreeing to plead to a misdemeanor in March after running out of money to defend himself against a variety of piled on charges in court.

Throughout the Ethics Commission hearings, the Mayor added additional charges, none of which was supported by evidence, and all but the original incident and the March plea agreement were rejected by the Ethics Commission.

Did you bother to pay attention to the case details as actually presented by the evidence?

Did you ever read the analysis from Commission Chair Ben Hur, an astoundingly brilliant attorney who did an amazing job of chairing the difficult and uncharted Commission hearings?

Did you read Supervisor Olague’s October 9 statement of why she voted the way she voted?

But if you read the Chronicle, then maybe you really got educated. Right?

Perhaps you were not here when Dan White intentionally planned and killed Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk. But the press ultimately treated White with more sympathy than the Chronicle treated Mirkarimi.

Well, despite the fact that I thought highly of Zephyr Real Estate before I read your call to vote anybody but Supervisor Olague, I now will tell my wide circle of friends – I am a native San Franciscan – to use any company but Zephyr.


And here’s my response:

Yes, really. Anyone but Christina Olague.

It sounds like we place different priorities on the importance of domestic violence, and the message that was sent when Supervisor Olague voted to retain Mirkarimi as Sheriff, a position in which he oversees domestic violence outreach and prevention programs.

It also sounds like we differ on the cost of domestic violence, not only in actual dollars but in the damage it causes to women, childen, and their quality of life. Clearly, my beliefs and your beliefs about what should constitute “progressive” values are very different.

From your email it’s very clear you take personal offense at my beliefs about the cost and consequences of domestic violence. If you’ve got a different opinion or point of view, I encourage you to go out, start your own blog, and share those opinions with the world on a public stage. You never know who will write in, both supporting and criticizing  you!

I stand by my beliefs. It doesn’t sound like we’d be much of a fit in the world of real estate – I would absolutely encourage you and your friends to find both a Realtor and real estate company that you are comfortable with, where you can have a positive working relationship. San Francisco has a wide range of incredibly accomplished Realtors and brokerages.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feelings with me. If standing up for the victims of domestic violence is the cost of doing business with you, it’s a choice I’d make again in a heartbeat.


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