Domestic Violence, District 5, The Saga Continues…

Courtesy of the Chronicle comes an article about the latest efforts to protect women from a Sheriff that believes with a straight face that he can believably lead programs to protect and prevent domestic violence.

The website is, and my only criticism is that the site is aimed primarily at women voters. As though domestic violence is only a women’s issue. Because it isn’t. Domestic violence is a crime against society, and while its victims tend to be disproportionately women and children, we all pay for the damage caused by domestic violence.

The website features two youtube videos, I’ve included one of them below:


The website is run by an independent expenditure committee, which means it is not being financed or funded in coordination with any other campaign. The idea for the website came from Andrea Shorter and Joyce Newstat, and the primary donations so far have come from Gayle Conway and Linda Voight (per the chronicle article I liked to at the start of the story.

Given that we are seven days away from the election, it will be interesting to see if the website draws any attention to the D5 race, which seems to be the most bizarre race for Supervisor in the city this year. We’ve got Christina Olague, taking a “principled stand” for her own political interests at the expense of the victims of domestic violence. We’ve got Julian Davis, the progressive who was going to win it all, who apparently likes to get his party on and never quite managed to learn how to keep his hands to himself. And we’ve got London Breed and the very strange YouTube video that was made on her behalf by SFAR (another independent expenditure, not made in coordination or approval with the candidate).

I haven’t seen any D5 polling lately, does anyone know the state of the race? I’ve been too busy reading hate mail that goes out of its way to suggest that Ross Mirkarimi’s wife is an actress. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, read between the lines on that one! Oh yea, and the Inner Sunset resident who called to “warn me” about writing any other negative things about Christina Olague. I can’t make this stuff up…


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