We Heart Copyblogger

I usually don’t dedicate blog posts to vendors we use, but Copyblogger is an exception. Copyblogger is run by a great guy named Brian Clark out of Boulder, CO and he makes a bunch of tools that make ‘content marketing’ a lot easier.

The framework we use for running this site – a theme known as AgentPress 2.0 – comes from Copyblogger, and we also use some of their other tools (although, to be fair, probably not as well as we could).

I got an email from them this morning with some new freebies that they are making available at no charge. The first is a PDF that you can download for free titled “The Death of Traditional Real Estate Marketing” and while I’ve downloaded it, I have yet to read it. So I can’t review it yet, but I have a hunch it is good stuff, and if you’ll give me a few weeks you can check back for the book report.

The second is a .mp3 podcast/audio interview that you can download titled “Brian Clark is Returning to Real Estate.” I’m listening to it as I write this blog post, and so far it is all good information, although nothing yet that I’d describe as an incredibly-awesome-holy-cow-I-wish-I-knew-that-five-years-ago nugget of information.

So while I usually write with San Francisco buyers, seller, and investors in mind, this post is dedicated to all my fellow real estate professionals that are looking for good resources for their internet plans. There are a ton of companies and people out there that will promise the world, but in my experience Brian Clark and the folks at CopyBlogger are hard to beat. So go out there and download their resources. It will take a lot of consistent hard-work to actually see the strategies he suggests pay off, but my experience has been that he has a solid grasp of the fundamentals and conveys them in a pretty straightforward way. Game on!


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