Zephyr Real Estate is #1

2012 was the year buyers returned, but it was also a phenomenal year for Zephyr Real Estate. The below chart shows the combined (both buyer represented and seller represented) number of residential properties represented by various San Francisco real estate brokerages. The black bar represents 2012 purchases and sales, and the white-beigeish bar represents 2011 purchases and sales. As you can see, Zephyr as a brokerage represented almost 1,400 buyers and sellers in San Francisco in 2012, which is up substantially from 1,206 in 2011. It’s also significantly ahead of the second place company, Coldwell Banker, which came in with a combined 2012 volume of 1,006 transactions.

Zephyr Real Estate is #1

So, congratulations to Zephyr and to all of the JacksonFuller real estate team clients that Britton and I represented in 2012. We absolutely appreciate your trust, kind words, and wonderful referrals.

And while Zephyr may do more transactions than any other real estate firm in San Francisco, the reason Britton and I are with Zephyr is because being at Zephyr allows us to make sure that we can focus all of our time and energy on doing right by our clients, making sure they receive the personal attention to detail and service that we believe every buyer or seller deserves.

Zephyr is locally owned and operated, so we never have to spend time dealing with managers that don’t “get” San Francisco. Zephyr also has some great tools for agents that would probably bore you to death, but the result is that Britton and I can spend our time doing what we love most – being with clients – instead of fighting with tools, systems, and people that aren’t client focused.

Various firms have niches carved out for themselves across the city, and that’s great. But what I think is even more valuable is the fact that city-wide, no one can offer the market presence and service that has made Zephyr number one in San Francisco. Congratulations, Zephyr, and here’s to your continued success as a local and independent real estate company in San Francisco!

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