Meet SF Beautiful

Have you met SF Beautiful? If not, you should. They are a tiny little group that has done a lot to change the way we experience San Francisco on a day to day basis.

Our vision is to keep San Francisco beautiful.

Our mission is to create, enhance, and maintain the unique beauty and livability of San Francisco.

For more than 60 years, San Francisco Beautiful — a group of citizens, neighbors, friends, and philanthropists — has been integral in making San Francisco the extraordinary place it is today.

We work to keep San Francisco beautiful through civic engagement, partnering with communities to build better neighborhoods, and celebrating urban innovation.

If you love San Francisco, we love you.

SF Beautiful, source: SF Beautiful
SF Beautiful, source: SF Beautiful

From mural restoration to pavement to parks, to fighting billboard blight or getting trees planted on streets, SF Beautiful has their hand in a ton of SF neighborhood projects. There most recent push was for the November Prop B ballot initiative, which will help fund improvements on the following parks and projects:

Proposed Neighborhood Park Projects:

  • Allyne Park
  • Angelo J. Rossi Pool and Park
  • Balboa Pool
  • Douglass Playground
  • Garfield Square
  • Gilman Playground
  • Glen Canyon Park
  • Margaret Hayward Playground
  • Richmond Playground
  • West Sunset Playground
  • Willie “Woo Wooâ€? Wong Playground

Proposed Citywide Programs:

  • Playground Safety: To improve, renovate, replace playgrounds that are dilapidated and failing the Parks Alliance’s playground safety report card
  • Citywide Parks: To enhance natural features of Golden Gate Park, John McLaren Park, and Lake Merced
  • Community Opportunity Fund: To continue to provide funds for small community-nominated projects and to leverage matching funds for larger projects
  • Water Conservation: To replace old and outdated irrigation equipment with new permeable features and water efficient systems
  • Trail Restoration: To enhance existing trails and their surrounding landscape
  • Forestry: To address hazardous trees to protect life and property, and replant trees for a safer and healthier urban forest

Proposed Waterfront Parks:

  • Pier 43: a new public plaza adjacent to Pier 43 Trail Promenade
  • Northeast Wharf Plaza: a new 2.7 acre park with large lawn and view areas
  • Agua Vista Park Renovation: includes shoreline connections and new walking, biking, and scenic areas
  • Pier 70 Parks Shoreline Restoration: environmental remediation, landscaping, and new public access
  • Warm Water Cove Renovation: an expansion, with improvements to park access and amenities
  • Islais Creek Improvements: new public access points with walkways and scenic lookouts



    • Matt Fuller, GRI says


      Thanks for stopping by to say hello! If we can ever publicize new projects or highlight new accomplishments, be sure to drop us a line. Thanks for helping keep SF a world-class city!


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