What you need to know about District 2: Single Family Home Sales 2012

District 2 on a San Francisco real estate map encompasses the central-west side of the city, and includes the following neighborhoods:

Most of district 2 housing stock is made up of single family homes, although their size, age of construction, and style do vary between the neighborhoods. A few unit buildings, condos, and TICs are sprinkled here and there in the various neighborhoods, but the number of these is pretty much dwarfed in comparison to single family homes.

Looking at the stats, what can we say about real estate in District 2? On a median price basis, Godlen Gate Heights had the best showing of all the neighborhoods in 2012, coming in at a median sales price just shy of $960,000. On a price per square foot basis, though, they came in behind the Outer Sunset, which came in with the highest median price per square foot of $564. Which make sense when you know that homes in Golden Gate Heights tend to be newer and larger than Outer Sunset homes, and also that many homes in District 2 have “non-conforming” in-law units that are not reported in the square footage, thus making the $/Sq.Ft. metric a not very useful stat for this neighborhood, since there is a fairly high chance that the usable space being purchased is larger than reported. District 2 2012 market stats

District 2 2012 market stats

Days on Market was down across the neighborhoods, but the number of sales wasn’t necessarily up year over year, with Golden Gate Heights, Outer Parkisde, Outer Sunset, Parkside, and Inner Parkside reporting fewer sales in 2012 than in 2011. District 2 2012 market stats District 2 2012 market stats
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