Notable Network Names

Tuesday tour this week had me all over the city, as usual, from Russian Hill to South Beach via Ocean Beach, Noe Valley, and Bernal Heights to name drop just a few of the neighborhoods I visited. And while broker’s tour is always notable for some of the interesting things I see, this week I thought I’d share just a few of the interesting wireless network names that pop up on my phone.



For example, we have the either ominous or helpful “LiceAuthority” network. While I don’t really want to know, if I was chatting away with you at a cocktail party I’d have to ask if you were an authority with lice because you frequently suffer from them, or for other reasons?


If you happen to be a social climber, you’ll appreciate the network name of “PacHeightsorBust” which was not taken in Pacific Heights, but from an adjacent neighborhood…


Plenty of people, apparently, never bother to change the default network name (which probably means that they don’t change the default password either), I saw plenty of ATT*** and Linksys***** networks all over town. San Francisco is supposed to be a city full of creative souls – don’t fail us now!


See, there’s some creative thinking from a guy that probably doesn’t have a girlfriend. Just a hunch on that one folks. And who knew you could use so much punctuation in a network name?


He ain’t never gunna…? Don’t leave me hanging like this! I’d like some closure and finality, please.


You aren’t paranoid, they really are watching your every move.


I’m glad you remembered to lock down your network, and congratulations on the correct spelling of illegal. But you should know, Surveillance Van #8 is out there. And coming for you.


In what way does Seth know goats?


And finally, for all you passive aggressive communicators, I present to you “Click here to get a virus” – because while I don’t really want you to join my network, I just can’t bring myself to say it out loud.

What awesome network names have you stumbled across while in the city or elsewhere?


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