LED Street Light Test Program

The SFPUC currently has a pilot test program underway to test replacing the current streetlights with LED street lights. I happened to notice them last night while having dinner at a new restaurant in the Inner Sunset. The picture below is not my best work, but it does show you the difference in color temperature between the older and newer lights.

LED lights at 9th and Irving in the Inner Sunset
LED lights at 9th and Irving in the Inner Sunset

In addition to the Inner Sunset test area, they are doing an additional pilot site inĀ Presidio Heights, on Washington Street between Walnut Street and Maple Street.

If you have been in either area and noticed the lighting, SFPUC would very much like you to take their survey about what you thought. In my family, for example, I really liked the new LED lights but my husband thought that they weren’t as bright. However, we both preferred the color temperature of the LED lights.

The SFPUC seems pretty positive on them, in addition to the energy saving advantages of LED lighting the lights also sound like they have some other slick tricks up their light poles, including the ability to adjust the brightness of the light based on pedestrian and vehicular activity at certain times of day.

All of this is a precursor to the city-wide replacement of our approximately 18,500 street lights that currently use high pressure sodium light bulbs with the LED lights. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says that feedback from the two pilot sites will be used in tweaking the city-wide rollout. So if you have been in either of these areas, take a moment and complete the survey.


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