About Us

Our Value Proposition:

20+ years of combined experience equals results for our clients. We’ve been through up markets, down markets, and balanced markets, and we know how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of each.

A team, not an assistant. We’re both full-time, licensed agents. Working with both us, our clients get two perspectives, two sources of advice and insight, and twice as many hours per day as an agent working alone or with an assistant.

We approach real estate with a positive attitude. We share the outlook that we are privileged to work in a fast-paced, well-educated market in the most beautiful city in America. Our clients become our friends, and our friends become our clients. Our positive reputation translates to good relationships with other Realtors, inspectors, escrow officers, and insurance agents, which means a transaction that is less stressful for our clients.

We know our technology. We’ve been on the cutting edge of technology in the real estate industry since we entered the business. We test what’s new, keep what’s useful, and use it to streamline the buying and selling process as much as possible for our clients.

Online Marketing is our expertise. In addition to having the skills to produce an online property video or rank for specific keywords in a search engine, we know how to complement online marketing with extensive outreach to the brokerage community and excellence in traditional print advertising.

Where do we go from here?
Engage us in a conversation any time it’s good for you. Maybe you’ll want to meet at the Ferry plaza farmer’s market for a cup of coffee and a discussion about opportunities in new developments. Or maybe at the dog park, where we can talk about single-family homes or recent changes to landlord/tenant laws in San Francisco. Regardless of the place or the topic, we’re available anytime to listen, so that we can help you do great in San Francisco real estate.

Why are we at Zephyr?
Zephyr Real Estate represents what we love most about San Francisco. For more than 25 years, Zephyr has been one of the most highly acclaimed real estate firms in San Francisco – respected not just by clients, but also by the entire real estate community. Its feisty spirit as the largest independent real estate firm in the City, with nearly one and a half billion dollars in gross sales annually, means Zephyr understands the San Francisco market like no other company. We also enjoy and value being a part of a close-knit family of individual realtors who are creative, professional and personable. Zephyr supports our efforts on your behalf by investing in some of real estate’s most advanced technology, allowing us to spend more time focused on you and less time tinkering with tools in the background.