Maximize Disclosure

No property is perfect. Complete disclosure regarding the condition of your property is essential to protect you from post-sale claims of non-disclosure as well as to expedite the offer process. Buyers who are serious about making an offer on your home will want disclosures as early in the process as possible. This information should be gathered together into a disclosure package before the home goes on the market. The more complete the information, the better chance you will receive a “clean” offer – offers with fewer contingencies – from a buyer. This will also help avoid any unwelcome surprises or points of renegotiation of terms during the escrow process.
Maximize Disclosure
We’ll help guide you through the disclosure process. The disclosures required for a particular sale may vary based on what type of property it is (condo, single-family home, units), who the occupants are (owner occupied vs. tenant), and how it is being sold (a regular sale, a trust sale, a probate sale, etc.) In general, the following disclosures and informational booklets will need to be completed by the seller and provided to the buyer.

Required Disclosures

  • 3R Report (a.k.a. Report of Residential Building Record)
  • Seller’s Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Residential Earthquake Hazards Report
  • Natural Hazards Report
  • Supplement to Seller’s Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Underground Storage Tank Disclosure
  • Energy and Water Conservation Disclosures
  • Water Heater and Smoke Detector Statements of Compliance
  • Mello-Roos Special Assessment District Disclosure
  • 1915 Improvement Bond Act Disclosure
  • Lead Paint Disclosures

Booklets and Information

  • Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety
  • Environmental Hazards: A Guide for Homeowners and Buyers
  • Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

It can feel a bit strange to be simultaneously making your home look as beautiful as possible while also filling out paperwork detailing the property’s “issues.” But there’s a method to our madness, we promise!

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