Staging Your Property

Showcasing Your Property Will Pay Off

Generally, people make the decision to buy a property within the first few minutes after they walk in the front door. It’s important to make sure that your property shows well and each room looks its best.

In our marketplace, most residences are “staged” to sell. This can be as simple as clearing rooms of excess furniture, décor and personal items to create a more spacious, calm and neutral feeling. In some cases, this may be more involved to include painting, repairs, new flooring and other improvements.

Professional Staging

It may be recommended that you consult a staging expert. These design professionals offer a range of services that can dramatically enhance the look of your property inside and out. They may re-arrange and work with existing furniture and décor, recommend adding furnishings and accessories short-term while your property is on the market or replace your décor entirely. In some cases, they will even supervise maintenance, repairs and improvements. Cost varies widely dependent on level of service.

Keep in mind that decorating your home with intent to sell is entirely different than decorating for everyday living. It’s done with an eye toward a neutral palette and a broader market appeal, rather than your own individual taste. Staging will help put your property’s best foot forward, help find a buyer more quickly and is shown to bring you top dollar.

Before and After

The video above is a real-world example of the difference staging makes in a San Francisco home. We’d be happy to talk with you about a variety of  methods that we can use to make sure your property’s first impression is the best impression possible, which could range from a simple “edit” of your furniture to a complete staging of the home.

Why Maximize Disclosure?

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