The Marketing Process

Preparing your property to bring you the highest sales price begins long before the first open house. The marketing plan, property preparations and relevant disclosures should be in place well before your home makes its public debut so that the first impression buyers receive is an incredibly positive one.


We help you from beginning to end, and just a few of the tasks we’ll work with you to accomplish are:

  1. Provide a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties and evaluation of the competition.
  2. Determine the optimum listing price for the current market which may include a pre-market preview of select agents for most accurate pricing.
  3. Advise you on what to repair, refresh, de-clutter, or clean at the property to showcase it in the best light possible.
  4. Advise  you on staging, and whether or not it will help you achieve a higher sales price.
  5. Order necessary reports, such as a pest inspection, so these can be made readily available to potential buyers who are considering making an offer.
  6. Write a property description and arrange for professional quality photos so that marketing materials are ready from Day 1.
  7. Provide you with all the necessary disclosure forms and guide you through their completion, so that your liability is minimized and potential buyers are fully informed about the property’s condition.
  8. Create a marketing plan which includes determining the best dates for going on the market, having the first broker’s tour and the first public open house.
  9. Answer questions along the way to ensure obstacles are cleared before officially going on the market.

Our goal is to keep you well represented and in the know throughout the entire process. You’ll be updated on any showing activity, new listings or sales that are in direct competition and be advised of any other conditions that may affect the sale of your property.

Should You Stage Your Property?

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