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This last week found us talking about food a lot during broker’s tour. Which probably isn’t that different from most broker’s tours we go on, but this time we caught a few of our thoughts on video:

We saw a condo in the Bayview for some clients, and our trip to and from the Bayview got us thinking about grocery shopping and food poverty in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco:

We found ourselves back in the Bayview today for another viewing of a completely different (but also very cool) home for another client, and today’s conversations headed in a completely different direction!

It turns out, there are a lot more McDonald’s in San Francisco….

Here’s a link to the post Britton references in the video about grocery stores in the Bayview where I write about food poverty.

Mother Brown’s Kitchen to Expand in the Bayview?

This upcoming Wednesday features a Budget and Finance Committee meeting of the Board of Supervisors, where agenda item #3 is to authorize SF’s Human Services Agency a forgivable loan for just shy of $1,000,000 to renovate 2115 Jennings St., a building adjacent to the existing Mother Brown’s Kitchen and Homeless Drop-In Shelter.

Mother Brown's Kitchen in the Bayview
Mother Brown’s Kitchen in the Bayview

According to the Board of Supervisor documents, 2115 Jennings is a currently vacant industrial building that was built in 1916. The plan is to move the 80-chair overnight shelter currently located at 2113 Jennings with a 100-bed overnight shelter located at 2115 Jennings, allowing the new center to draw on the “nucleus of services” currently offered at 2113 Jennings.

A letter being circulated by neighborhood residents appears to take issue with the facility, and below is the text of a form letter being circulated by a site that is opposed to the facility. The site is registered to a Daynas Corman with a mailing address in the Bayview according to publicly available WHOIS records. Below is the text of the sample letter they are encouraging people to sign and send to the Mayor:

Dear Mr. Mayor:

I am writing with extreme concern about the proposal to warehouse the City’s homeless population near the MLK Pool in Bayview.

In an astonishing conflict of interest, The United Council of Human Services (UCHS), the entity that stands to gain generous funding for this proposed homeless warehouse, was also tasked with performing the most recent homeless count. Their interest was certainly served by showing an unbelievable 200% increase in homeless!

Not only is the Bayview homeless count highly questionable, data shows that our current services for homeless are not even fully utilized. Bayview already has 21 homeless beds for every 1000 residents; some of the shelters have reported that they are at only 75% capacity.

As Bayview residents, we are severely concerned that the City is simply trying to divert our homeless population away from the major business and tourist areas and hide them in our underserved, minority neighborhood.

Our neighborhood deserves better. Our children deserve better. They need unmitigated access to one of our few public spaces—the Martin Luther King Pool and the adjacent playground—without the increased danger and risk to their young lives that will certainly follow the City’s importation of the homeless to our neighborhood.

I respectfully ask that you stop the City’s plan to build a homeless warehouse in Bayview.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is the city “warehousing” the homeless in the Bayview, or is this a logical use of an empty and available building to replace overnight chairs with beds at a site that already has a developed infrastructure of services for the homeless and those in need?

Neighborhood News

What’s been up in the nabes? More than any one person could ever keep up with, but here are a few highlights:

Glen Park cleanup next weekend – June 9, 2012

We’re looking forward to partnering with DPW and their staff, equipment, and know-how to continue to clean and green our neighborhood on June 9th. We hope you’ll join your neighbors, Mayor Lee, and Supervisors Campos and Wiener in volunteering at this DPW Community Clean Team event for Districts 8 and 9.

Noe Valley Summerfest is coming up soon – Saturday, June 16, 2012
Hawaiian shave ice, Smitten ice cream tasting, a petting zoo, live music, honey bee demos, a magic show … it can only mean one thing: SummerFEST on 24th Street.

On Saturday June 16 from 11-5 (the day before Father’s Day), 24th Street merchants will be throwing a family event in downtown Noe Valley.

via Noe Valley SF (and yes, Zephyr is a sponsor. Who knew??!)
Burrito Justice has an awesome look at the Miracle Mile, circa 1954… more commonly known these days as Mission St.
D10 Watch highlights some upcoming home ownership workshops being sponsored by Lennar.
From Lennar:


Join one of our FREE Home Ownership Assistance Workshops and start building your future today!

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Lennar Trailers at Hunters Point Shipyard Corner of Donahue St & Galvez Ave

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Bayview Opera House 4705 Third Street, San Francisco

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Bayview Opera House 4705 Third Street, San Francisco


Please contact Chonta Burgess at 415.344.8861 or
Visit our website at

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Hunters Point Shipyard Homebuyers Assistance Workshop Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment c/o Lennar/BVHP One California Street, 27th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111

The Dogpatch Howler has a fascinating story about trying to track down who in the city is responsible for an old police station that recently suffered approximately $200,000 in fire damage. Long story short: everyone thinks the building belongs to someone else, the city is going to sell it someday, but a lot of paperwork remains to be hurdled between today and the sale!

Neighborhood Blog Roundup – April 23, 2012

Happy Monday morning everyone! What better way to start the week than to take a look at what the hot topics have been across the San Francisco neighborhood blogosphere.

I don’t doubt I’ve overlooked something phenomentally interesting, entertaining, or otherwise blog-worthy (but come on, Supervisor Mar in a hottub is pretty awesome). Leave a comment or shoot me an email with your favorite neighborhood blog!