What you need to know about District 5 Single Family Home Sales in 2012

The parade of 2012 real estate market statistics continues. Last week we started off with an overview of the 2012 San Francisco market, and last week we looked at home sales in northwest San Francisco, and Zephyr 2012 market share. Today I’m going to skip ahead a few neighborhoods from District 1 to District 5, which is the central part of San Francisco and includes the following neighborhoods/mls-subdistricts:

  • Glen Park
  • Haight Ashbury
  • Noe Valley
  • Twin Peaks
  • Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights
  • Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights
  • Corona Heights
  • Clarendon Heights
  • Duboce Triangle
  • Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights (aka Liberty Hill)
  • Mission Dolores

chart_5 (7)
The chart above shows the median days on market for single family homes in District 5, broken out by neighborhood. As you can see, median days on market was down, sometimes substantially so… with Mission Dolores, Clarendon Heights, and Eureka Valley (Castro) being exceptional examples of how competitive 2012 was if you were a buyer.chart_4 (3)
The chart above looks at the number of single family homes sold by neighborhood in 2012. It is interesting for a couple reasons – it does a pretty good job of showing what neighborhoods in district 5 have single family homes (when we compare this with condos in the coming days it will give you a good idea of the types of housing that predominate any given neighborhood). Even though the number of sales was either up or slightly down year over year, we still saw a decrease in days on market, which is exactly what we would expect when demand exceeds supply.
chart_5 (6)

Finally, the chart above shows the median sales price of a single family home in each of the district 5 neighborhoods. It’s no surprise that Clarendon Heights led the way with the most expensive median sales price, with the 2012 price being up both year over year and compared to 2009. Another thing to note is that some neighborhoods (like Twin Peaks) have very few single family homes, so small sample sets can lead to some erroneous conclusions… for example, that Twin Peaks prices are plummeting. I may try and get a post in this week that compares 2011 and 2012 single family home sales in Twin Peaks, to give you an idea of how small data sets lead to graphs like the above.

Happy Tuesday, I’m out the door for broker’s tour. I hope you have a great day!

Cole Valley Photo Walk

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day, I’m about to walk out the door for Tuesday broker’s tour, but wanted to get some photos posted before I start touring for the day.

[portfolio_slideshow width=620 showcaps=true  navpos=bottom pagerpos=bottom pagerstyle=carousel click=lightbox centered=true]

I took advantage of a “quiet” Memorial Day weekend to take a nice photo walk in Cole Valley. After I finished documenting the N-Judah N-Pocalypse, I headed south on Cole street, walking up to Tank Hill, back along the south-most streets of Cole Valley, and then along Stanyan north towards Golden Gate Park.

I wasn’t out to photograph any particular home, just to capture a bunch of pictures that “felt like” Cole Valley to me. The beautiful weather certainly helped get some great perspective shots from up on Tank Hill.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of Cole Valley homes and the neighborhood in general. Of course, I like a lot of San Francisco neighborhoods (for a variety of reasons), so please don’t think that Cole Valley is the only cool and awesome place to live in San Francisco. We’ve got plenty of awesome neighborhoods, depending on what you are looking for.

As you’ll see in the pics, Cole Valley is home to one of the skinniest homes in San Francisco, but also some very stately homes with grand proportions and scale. It is also an interesting mix of “classic” homes mixed in with some incredibly sleek and modern homes. And like any great San Francisco neighborhood, it is incredibly walkable with some wonderful shops and businesses on Cole Street, and convenient access to transit and the N-Judah.

I really enjoyed this neighborhood photo walk, any suggestions for which neighborhood I should stalk, er document, next? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I hope everyone adjusts to being back at work after the 3 day weekend!



Scenes from the N-Pocalypse

For those of you who haven’t heard, the N-Pocalypse is upon us! The N-Judah has been closed since Friday evening with service closed through 5am on Monday, June 4. I prefer to think of the N-Judah being shutdown until Monday afternoon on the 4th, because every San Franciscan knows that while our bus drivers are awesome at texting while driving, they aren’t so good at the fundamentals. You know, things like showing up even remotely on schedule.

Since the weather was beautiful yesterday, and I couldn’t ride the train anywhere (and something about San Francisco buses scares me), I took some time to walk along the N-Judah in Cole Valley and the Inner Sunset to take some pictures of the N-Pocalypse in progress. I’m happy to report that they’ve definitely succeeded in ripping things up quickly. Now the question is – will they be able to put it all back together in time?

[portfolio_slideshow width=620 showcaps=true  navpos=bottom pagerpos=bottom pagerstyle=carousel click=lightbox centered=true]

As you can see from the pictures, they’ve got the N-Judah track and surrounding street pretty well ripped up. As for why? According to muni, this extended shutdown of the N-Judah will allow them to bring muni riders:

  • New track for a smoother, faster ride on Muni [um, doubtful. – ed]
  • Bulbouts to enhance safety and boarding at N Judah Line stops
  • Curb and ramp upgrades
  • Water and sewer improvements
  • Pole replacement

It also makes a great photo opportunity!

I don’t know what the work schedule along the track is, but I noticed high-intensity lights along the street. I hope that they aren’t doing construction 24/7, as they are at the Transbay Center, but couldn’t find the posted construction hours on the SFMTA’s site.

Has the N-Pocalypse caused major headaches in your life? Or have you just been waiting at a muni stop since Friday evening, cursing muni for running such bad service without even being aware of the shutdown? Either way, we hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!