Grey Gardens: 37 Miraloma

Grey Gardens. Guess that tells you how gay I am? It seems genetically pre-destined that I would gravitate to a topic that involves both real estate and the one and only Jacqueline Kennedy

37 Miraloma, today’s West of Twin Peaks Grey Garden

The “original” Grey Gardens is at 3 West End Road in the East Hamptons. But we’ve got plenty of our own dilapidated homes across the city. Whether or not they are occupied by reclusive socialites with feral cats is an open question…

I know real estate blogs love to feature all that is shiny and beautiful, but plenty of real estate is less than shiny and certainly less than beautiful. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its own inner beauty and lovely personality, but glamorous renderings are not the entirety of a professional real estate career.

I’d also like to say that while I’m giving these homes a bit of a hard time, if they are still occupied, that is a situation that is less than funny, and I’m not mocking the individuals that may still be living here. In fact, there are a variety of social services available in the city designed to help reclusive shut-ins, and if you happen to be a neighbor or know some background about any of the homes please get in touch with us privately (email is best –

While we’d love to see these homes updated and rebuilt for the future, we are more concerned about the safety and well-being of any remaining occupants. Being elderly and isolated is perhaps one of the most toxic social combinations in the world, and we are more than happy to do what we can to help connect people with other people and services that may help them stay in their home. Even better if we can connect them with services that will help tidy and clean up their home so that they can live with some modicum of safety and health.

That said, the home pictured above is at 37 Miraloma. According to tax records, it is owned by a single individual, and their tax bill in 2012 was just over $500 – so you can safely assume they’ve been living there for a very long time…

Awesome Miraloma Park Home… Could Be Yours

Meet 769 Foerester! She’s a large, no scratch that, enormous single family home that is for sale in the Miraloma Park neighborhood.

The tax records report the home as having more than 2,000 square feet of living space, which is absolutely enormous for a San Francisco home, particularly when you consider that this home is listed for under one million dollars (a cool $995,000 to be exact).

As you can see from the above picture, it’s also nicely done, and it isn’t a short sale or REO (bank owned foreclosure), so you shouldn’t have any problem moving you and yours right into this sweet house.

Miraloma Park isn’t on a lot of buyer’s radar screens, but it’s a friendly little neighborhood that has surprisingly good access to the city, the peninsula (yea, I’m talking to all of you with vested stock), as well as public transit via the BART station in Glen Park. For those of you with rugrats, 769 Foerster is also amazingly close to the recently renovated Sunnyside Playground, which is one of the better kept secrets in the world of San Francisco playgrounds.

So let’s review: It’s under a million, it has five (!) bedrooms, over 2,000 square feet of living space, parking, and is conveniently close to a great playground and public transit. Is there any reason you are still reading this? If I’ve caught your attention, offers are due on 769 Foerester on May 30…

Additional Photos:
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Disclaimer: Advertising another brokerage’s listing without their express permission (other than IDX, which is a whole different ball of wax) is a big no-no. 769 Foerster is making it’s super-special-guest-star appearance here at JacksonFuller at the request of the listing agent, Faye Dibachi of Zephyr Real Estate. If you are a buyer without an agent and would like more information about this home, please get in touch with Matt or Britton and we are happy to help you out. If you are a listing agent, or already have a buyer’s agent then please get directly in touch with Faye.