North-West SF (District 1)

View of Golden Gate Bridge from District 1
A View of the Golden Gate Bridge from a District 1 Home

Homes for sale in Northwest San Francisco (District 1):

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District 1 is the northwest most area of San Francisco, and it stretches from Laurel Heights and Lone Mountain in the east to the Pacific Ocean along the west. Fulton serves as the southern-most district neighborhood boundary, while along the north it is bounded by Land’s End and the Presidio.

Depending on where you are in the district, you’ll find everything ranging from studio condos in smaller buildings to grand estates with drop-dead Golden Gate Bridge on lots that are enormous. Golden Gate Park runs along the southern edge of District 1, and Lands End, Ocean Beach, The Cliff House, China Beach, and the Palace of the Legion of Honor are just a few of the many cultural and recreational opportunities that are in or immediately adjacent to District 1 neighborhood homes.

Geary is the commercial corridor that bisects District 1, and the 38-Geary bus line is one of the most-used bus lines on the west coast. So while you can easily catch a bus downtown, expect it to be a very crowded bus. San Francisco has had discussion about making the bus lines on Geary more efficient for years, but there are currently no concrete plans to move forward with a rapid bus transit solution. In addition, many of the neighborhoods have their own commercial corridors.

The weather in District 1 varies based on your location. As a general rule, the closer you get to the Pacific Ocean, the foggier you can expect the weather to be. For example, if you lived in a home in the Outer Richmond you could expect it to be generally cooler and foggier than a home in the Inner Richmond or Lone Mountain.